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Welcome to the home of the Simsbury Light Opera Company, a community-based group of actors, singers, musicians and a talented backstage crew dedicated to bringing quality musical entertainment to audiences throughout the greater Hartford area. After a very successful production of The Mikado in March 2014 - to capacity audiences - at Eno Memorial Hall, we need to change: to enrich and expand our repertoire and offerings. In an effort to make SLOCO viable now and in the future, the SLOCO Board is researching ways to extend its present position and take off in new directions. Based on our Gilbert & Sullivan heritage, but not limited to or by it, we will develop a unique niche for SLOCO and to not directly compete with the many theater/vocal groups out there. There are four main avenues for us to attend to per our Vision Initiative. The Board (Marion Conklin, president, Kari Mackey, vice president, Elizabeth White, treasurer, Elaine Saunders, secretary, Harry van der Hulst, Heather Zygmont, and Ed deGroat) is working on these initiatives with the goal of making SLOCO as vibrant, relevant and popular as it once was. This work of transition might take more than one year, but will be evolving as needed to respond to the changing environment.

First: "To advance SLOCO's presence in the Simsbury Community and beyond". The Board is looking into ways to have SLOCO visible throughout the year. Instead of just one major G & S production in March, we plan to have several performances of various composers/eras/styles at several venues over the next 10 months and beyond. To this end we have been most fortunate in hiring Michael Ersevim as our Music Director for our 2014-2015 season! Auditions will most likely start taking place early in the fall. In addition, 2015 will be SLOCO's 70th anniversary year. We plan to highlight this with a 70th Anniversary Gala at Eno Memorial Hall in March, 2015. This celebration will be a compilation of the performances held throughout the year. The first half of the program will be a tribute to G & S and our past: the second half will be a preview of the "new" SLOCO.

Second: "To increase membership and support of SLOCO". This is an area that needs major attention! For example, we need a social media person to constantly announce what we're doing and keep the SLOCO name "out there". We need a dedicated grant researcher/writer to work on SLOCO's behalf. The money is out there and we need to go after it. We need to – as a start - get in front of the higher ups of the corporate community in Simsbury and engage them in SLOCO's fabulous history and exciting future.

Third: "To assess SLOCO's present organizational status and future" The SLOCO By-Laws will be updated to reflect our current status and needs. The administrative structure needs to be reorganized. The SLOCO Board will be working with others to review, refine and adopt the By-Laws.

Fourth: "To develop a strategy to make Basingstoke pay for itself" A few folks from SLOCO and the Theatre Guild of Simsbury (TGS) have been busy over the last several months preparing for a Tag Sale for other theater groups in CT and lower MA. We are clearing out as much as possible to create more space in order to be able to consider possible additional uses for the space, by a third party. In addition, after 30 years the Basingstoke heating system is kaput! Dick Vaughan has been researching various possible modes of heating that include changing from propane to natural gas and most likely the necessary replacement of the entire system. However this is decided, the cost is estimated to be between $15,000 and $30,000! Time is of the essence as fall and winter will surely follow this summer.

SLOCO Tag Sale

SLOCO and the Theatre Guild of Simsbury are having a Tag Sale at our 6000 sg.ft. warehouse and you're invited! The Tag Sale will be held on Friday Sept 19 and Saturday Sept 20 from 9am-3pm. The address is 5 Herman Drive in Simsbury (very near the Simsbury Airport.) Payment can be made with cash or checks. Here is a partial list of items for sale:

* props, costumes/wedding dresses/real furs

*set pieces

*doors/bridges/stairs/row boat



*commercial Consew sewing machine


*metal vertical file cabinets and desks


*wig stands/dress forms/ mannequins

*sturdy wooden sandwich boards

If you have any questions, call Marion Conklin, President of SLOCO, at (203) 551-1121.


Hope to see you there.

. . . with laughing song and merry dance

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